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  Established in 1988, D-Ying Electronic, Inc., has developed as a professional manufacturer of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) for the past years.
  We have substantially invested in new equipment, improving processes flow,concentrating quality control and organizational employees training in order to improve customer services and manufacture quality products.
  Our accomplishments have been recognized with an issue of ISO 9002 quality certificate in January 1997.
  We are not only providing the highest quality products but we are also offering faster service and will tailor our products to meet customers' need.
  The most important thing is that our competitive price can make our customer to excel in the competitive market. This is one of reasons why we have grown so rapidly in the past several years.
  Now, we are all facing a high degree of technical competence and fluctuation market. Do you looking for a trusted and dependable partner.
  D-Ying Inc.Can help your company because we have the latest technology and are implementing better processes and equipment as technology changes to ensure you have the highest quality and excellent results.
  We are confidently to say that providing the best quality and service is our job. Just contact us right now!